We provide safe&comfortable student accommodation
for International students

StudentLife of TSE First Section listed company

  • MAINICHI COMNET group of TSE First Section listing establishes in 1979.
    We advance to apartment lease business for students in 1994 and we manage about 9,000 student leasehold properties in the whole country around Tokyo and are running now.

  • We perform development, administration led by international exchange dormitory where foreign student from all the countries of the world enters as well as new pupil gathering from all over Japan.
    In addition, we cooperate with 379 schools in the whole country and, including administration of dormitory, international exchange dormitory for exclusive use of university, cooperate. (as of ※ June, 2019)

Student apartment of MAINICHI COMNET
Application is smooth
We are concluded with net until contract

  1. Step1

    We search room by large scientific name

  2. Step2

    Photograph, 360-degree panoramaIt is sneak preview in this in room
    ※It is limited to some apartment

  3. Step3

    Even if inquiry apartment is not decided, please feel free to contact.

  4. Step4


  5. Step5

    Entering key handing over

The Chinese-response staff is resident English

24 hours inquiry possibility!
We fix support team specialized in foreign student who can cope in English, Chinese.
We will reply than our staff all over the next day.

Substantial Facilities and regime

  1. Popular Facilities is standard specification

    We provide modern facilities in pursuit of relief, security, niceness by default.
    As there is apartment with household appliances, we can live right after entering!

  2. Consistent management system

    From apartment introduction, the staff of we MAINICHI COMNET copes until withdrawal at the time of entering!

  3. Brokerage Fee 0 yen!

    Generally, + tax is caused for one month of Rent, but does not take Brokerage Fee in student apartment of MAINICHI COMNET!

Six points only in MAINICHI COMNET