Terms of Use

  • Preface

    "Student Life" (the following book site) is general information site about rental apartment, rented apartment which MAINICHI COMNET Co., Ltd. (following we) runs.
    We make maximum effort to provide more reliable information in this site.
    Please use after having you read these following terms well in the use of this site, and having had you agree.

  • Application of Article 1 book terms and individual terms

    1. These terms set condition that is applied when matter, others, user whom all users using this site (include all other services offering as follows on this site) should protect use this site. User is considered to have used this site after reading these terms carefully, and having agreed.
    2. When we post (called "individual terms" as follows.) on proviso, attention in this site, individual terms become a part of these terms each. In that case, the individual terms concerned shall be applied in addition to these terms.
    3. We consider that we agreed to these terms with the use of this site by user.
  • Change of Article 2 book terms and individual terms

    1. Without our doing prior notice to user; change (include addition and deletion.of these terms and individual terms We may do) as well as the following.
    2. After having posted these on this site, user accesses this site and considers these changed terms and individual terms to have consented with point in time when we used.
  • Prohibition act of Article 3 user

    1. Because all of you use convenient service for relief, user shall not have to do the following act.
      1. Act to use this site with purpose of injustice
      2. Act to violate copyright, right of likeness of us, other users or third party, other intellectual property rights
      3. Act to discriminate against us, other users or third party, and to slander, and to slander, and to threaten
      4. Act to violate the ply by sea, human rights of us, other users or third party
      5. Act to hurt trust of us, other users or third party, and to damage
      6. Other laws, laws and ordinances, act against public order and morals or act with the fear
      7. Act to disturb the use, offer of service of this site or administration
      8. Act to judge that other we are inappropriate
    2. When we, other users or third party suffer damage by foregoing paragraph act, user shall bear all responsibility in the compensation concerned and shall not damage other users and/or third party.
    3. We decide to be able to stop the use of this site without notifying beforehand when user performs act that performed act of former Paragraph 2 or when there is a threat that, and we shall be able to revise deletion without consent of user by our judgment.
  • Article 4 copyrights

    1. Patent right, trademark about publication information on this site, all the copyright or other intellectual property rights belong to us and other rightful claimants. Except thing which gets permission of us, other rightful claimants when we are stated clearly on this site or, we carry out intellectual property rights about publication information and this without permission and cannot dispose of all other than use, reproduction, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, the public transmission.
    2. When dispute occurs in violation of regulations of foregoing paragraph, user is settled by responsibility of user, and user shall repair in the damage that we suffered.
  • Temporary stop of Article 5 book site

    Is temporary in this site without doing prior or subsequent notice to user when we correspond to each issue either next; stop or may stop.
    About any expense and damage to produce directly or indirectly by stop of this site, we do not take responsibility at all.

    1. When we change maintenance, maintenance of this site or specifications
    2. When, by inevitability (natural calamity in heaven and earth and service disorders), other states of emergency, administration, offer of this site is difficult
    3. In addition, when we judge us to need stop of this site or interruption by unavoidable reason
  • Trust of administration of Article 6 book site

    We may entrust third party with administration of this site.
    In that case, we shall bear duty and responsibility that our terms determine.

  • Immunity from responsibility of Article 7 us

    1. We shall not assume an obligation to investigate business condition of company (called "company" as follows.) participating in this site.
    2. We do not give any guarantee about accuracy, integrity, currentness, applicability, usefulness, safety, lawful act about information provided from company published in this site, and we do not take responsibility at all by any chance when some kind of damage occurs to user about the information concerned either.
    3. About real estate information placed in this site, we shall judge information contents from the user after confirmation directly in company. When the present situation of the real estate apartment concerned is different from the information concerned, we give priority to the present situation.
    4. We do not take any responsibility about trouble of user Facilities by user using this site and data loss.
      Other than each front clause, we do not take any responsibility about every dispute and damage between user and third parties due to the use of this site at all.
  • Article 8 privacy policy

    Privacy policy in this site shall depend on privacy policy to establish separately.

  • Article 9 governing law and jurisdiction

    Governing law of these terms assumes Japanese law, and all disputes about these terms do Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court with exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

  • Supplementary provisions

    We carry out these terms from August 1, 2017.

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