1 [at the time of inquiry]

  • You are living in foreign countries, can you contract now?
    We can contract. Student apartment of MAINICHI COMNET can be concluded all with the Internet and mail from inquiry to contract. But, at first, please feel free to contact as receptionist has some conditions.
    We prepare guaranty company for exclusive use of foreign student.
    By using this, can push forward until contract including examination in peace.
  • We cannot talk about 日本語 very much, is it all right?
    All right. Our staff is available for correspondence in English, Chinese other than 日本語.
  • Only for one month can enter?
    I'm sorry, but we cannot cope. Six months or more are necessary during the shortest entering planned period.
  • There is not guarantor, can you contract?
    We can contract. Japanese guarantor is necessary, but guarantor service is usually available except some apartment in student apartment of MAINICHI COMNET.
  • Is there apartment of With Furniture and electrical appliance?

    We prepare a lot of apartment of With Furniture and electrical appliance.
    As you cooperate with company delivering furniture, household appliances, life miscellaneous goods necessary for new life collectively in MAINICHI COMNET when it is not With Furniture and electrical appliance, please use by all means.

  • How much is initial cost to take when we borrow room?
    Share is indication for 5-6 months of monthly basis expense.
    ※(for one month of monthly basis Rent + tax) is generally [Brokerage Fee] included in initial cost, but does not take Brokerage Fee with MAINICHI COMNET is apartment of landlord.
  • Do you return Guarantee Charge?

    After the withdrawal, we deduct restoration costs and are refunded.
    You must pay the deficit by any chance when we disturb Facilities and injure, and restoration costs exceeds Guarantee Charge. Let's use room neatly.

2 [from inquiry to contract]

3 [arrive in preparation for until entering from contract]

  • If room is decided, what can you not go if you bend?
    There is apartment of flat rate partly, but it is necessary for resident to contract with about electricity, gas, water supply individually basically.
    Please apply to company of electricity, water supply, gast that exercise jurisdiction over the apartment by all means by move-in day.
    Application is possible on telephone or the Internet.
    ※We will inform of detailed application method before entering.
  • Please tell receipt method of key.

    From the day before of the contract starting date,we hand at management store of apartment which you have contractedk.
    In addition, please be careful as I cannot hand key when all the following procedures are not completed.
    ・The receipt of money of initial cost
    ・Return of contract
    ・Submit necessary documents
    Because store receiving key may be different from store which you applied for, please confirm beforehand by all means.
    In addition, I confirm identity verification documents and hand to the person entering.
    As friend cannot do receiving of key, please be careful.

  • I want to establish bank account establishment, what should I do?

    We can open bank account in financial institution.
    When foreigner opens account in Japan, please refer to the following for necessary thing.
    ※As we perform by direct debit about payment of Rent, I would like establishment by all means.

    [in the case of Japan Post Bank]
    1. Identity verification documents
    2. Residence card (or certificate of alien registration) or passport
    3. Cash for the receipt of money
    ※In the case of Japan Post Bank, we can make account opening by signature without seal.

    [establishment of ordinary bank account]
    1. Identity verification documents
    Certificate of alien registration (alien registration original slip items mentioned certificate), residence card, driver's license, health insurance card, passport in expiration date, special permanent resident certificate
    2. Thing which can prove the present address
    Cell-phone with Address mention, the original (copy impossibility) of receipt and bill of water supply, gas, electric bill
    3. Seal (there is place where only signature is enough for by bank)
    4. Phone number (as phone number that we can contact depending on ※ bank is in necessary bank, please be careful.) that you can contact
    5. Cash for the receipt of money
    We may not open account by duration of stay in Japan.
    But we recommend that we give application to plural banks when we open account in the same bank because standard may vary according to stores.
    In addition, establishment may advance smoothly when we propose at home, school, branch near the office.

  • I want to contract cell-phone, what should I do?

    We can contract in the Internet sale site and direct marketing shop, store and electronic and home appliances retail of various mobile phone carriers.
    As there is store where staff who can talk about foreign language is, which 日本語 cannot talk about too much is available in peace.
    When foreigner contracts cell-phone in Japan, please refer to the following for necessary thing.

    1. Identity verification documents
    2. Including certificate of alien registration in expiration date or residence card + passport or special permanent resident certificate, health insurance card, driver's license (※ residence status cannot apply for "short stay" to person of "there is no qualification".)
    3. Bank card or bank book (in the case of ※ fund transfer)
    4. Seal
    5. Credit card (person who does not use fund transfer)
    6. The purchase price for cellular phone (in the case of ※ payment in installments, it is requested in the next month.)
    7. Contract desk work service charge (requested in conjunction with charge in this month of ※ contract month or next month.)

  • What is resident registration?
    It is system to enroll in resident's card of Address place to clarify the residence relations.
    When you enter the country, a seal of landing permission and a residence card will be issued at the airport. Afterwards, we report transference to municipality where apartment is located.
    New Address of apartment to live in is necessary for transference procedure.Therefore when application and examination of apartment are over,please file at counter of government office (ward office, city hall) of municipality where apartment is located within 14 days. You need to bring your residence card at that time.
    ※If you leave Japan and live abroad, you must report your move out to your municipality.
  • What is my number (personal number)?
    My number is 12 digits of personal numbers that each inhabitants including foreigner has.
    Notice card of my number will arrive by mail later when we give notice of the change of address in city hall. Please keep notice card without losing. When we work part-time, we are necessary.
    In addition, application of "personal number card" is arbitrary. It is not necessary to apply if not particularly necessary.
  • What will National Health Insurance be?

    Foreign student residing in Japan more than three months is required to take out National Health Insurance. "Identification of National Health Insurance person insured" (the following, health insurance card) is issued when we take out this insurance. As 70% of medical expenses targeted for medical service under health insurance are exempted if we show health insurance card when we receive medical treatment at hospitals, please bring by all means when you hang over hospital.
    In addition, in the case of update application, the presentation of health insurance card is necessary during residence status change application and the residence period. When you do such an application, please bring without forgetting health insurance card.
    In addition, "identification of National Health Insurance person insured" is very important identification card like passport and residence card or certificate of alien registration. Please keep carefully not to lose.
    ※National Health Insurance is not applied to injury or disease of (including part-time job) under medical examination, cosmetic surgery, orthodontics, eyesight correction (LASIK), normal delivery, traffic accident, work.

  • We want to take out National Health Insurance, what should I do?
    Residence card, passport, my number card or notice card, person of residence status of "specific activity", please file for participation with designated books at National Health Insurance window of government office (ward office, city hall) of municipality where apartment is located by each person.
    ※As thing necessary for procedure may vary according to government offices of each municipality slightly, please confirm by yourself once by all means.
  • Can foreign student work part-time, too?
    As it is as for working part-time in "the qualification outside" when we visit Japan in residence status of "studying abroad", you must receive "permission application of qualifications outside activity" to Tokyo Immigration Bureau. We are inflicted with penal regulations and become a target of deportation when we work part-time without receiving permission.

    If it is verge of entry, we can do permission application of activity out of the qualification in Haneda Airport, Narita Airport. When we forget application in the case of entry, it is necessary to apply at Tokyo Immigration Bureau (Shinagawa or Tachikawa), but recommends what we perform at airport as it takes time before permission is granted.

4 [after the entering]

  • Please tell about how to put out garbage.

    Rule of getting out garbage varies according to areas (municipality) living in.
    As day and time of collection are fixed by kind of garbage (burnable garbage,unburnable garbage etc…),please confirm table put on garbage place in apartment.
    If you don't keep the day and time or don't use the designation garbage bag, garbage is not collected. It may trouble neighboring people.
    Let's follow rule by all means.
    When you do not know how to put out, please confirm by all means on government office homepage of the location.
    For more details, please give me reference on this page.
    Handbook [after entering live]

  • Please tell instructions at the time of entering.
    Unique environment and rule are in house of Japan.
    There is item where you should be careful about, and please refer to the page.
    Handbook [after entering live]
  • In the middle can cancel?
    When you move out, you have to offer the cancellation of a contract to landlord by deadline for notice written in contract.
    In the case of the apartment or dormitory where Mainichi Comnet is landlord,offer of the cancellation of a contract is necessary within three months before day.
    You can file for the cancellation of a contract on the exclusive website.
    ※As you cannot accept email and proposal only over telephone, please be careful.
    Please refer to this page.
    Handbook [after entering live]