manner of living

How to put out garbage

How to put out garbage

Rule of getting out garbage varies according to areas (municipality) living in.
As day and time of collection are fixed by kind of garbage (burnable garbage,unburnable garbage etc…),please confirm table put on garbage place in apartment.
If you don't keep the day and time or don't use the designation garbage bag, garbage is not collected. It may trouble neighboring people.
Let's follow rule by all means.

Points to be checked
  1. garbage collection day (and time)
  2. garbage depot
  3. Separation of burnable garbage and unburnable garbage
  4. Separation of resource trash (bottles, cans, PET bottles, newspapers, etc.)
  5. How to put out oversized garbage

Apartment with exclusive garbage depot can throw away garbage anytime(for 24 hours,365 days). But in the case of apartment without exclusive garbage depot, please throw away in designated place from 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning.
If you do not understand how to dispose of garbage, let's confirm to proprietary company by all means.
In addition, MAINICHI COMNET has almost exclusive garbage depot of student apartment of landlord.

Attention of the life noise

Sound is easy to be transmitted through apartment very much in the neighbor and top and bottom floor unlike single house. Particularly, sound is easy to come early in the morning and in the night.
Let's be considerate in residents each other, and live a life comfortably.For example, we are careful about sound of opening or closing of door, lowering volume of TV and radio.

Example to become the noise
  • Big voices (including common use space such as veranda, stairs)
  • Sound of TV and speaker
  • Machines sound such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine
  • Violent opening and shutting of door

In addition, in the student apartment of landlord, use of musical instrument is prohibition MAINICHI COMNET.
If you want to use musical instrument, we introduce apartment with soundproofing room.

How to open mailbox

How to open mailbox
There is mailbox around entrance in apartment houses.
In the case of the set post of dial-type code number, following is operated. It is password of once "6"in the right, twice "1" in the left.
  1. We turn dial to right (clockwise direction) two laps and we match "1" with seal (place of 12:00 of clock) and stop.
  2. We turn to left (counterclockwise direction) and stop when "6" was to seal (place of 12:00 of clock) first.
  3. We open when we pull door toward you.

There are some kinds of the post including card type, push type varies according to each apartment.
You can check how to open the post in support site for exclusive use of resident of Mainichi Comnet, please confirm that page.

How to use room

How to use room

Everywhere in all the countries, there is rule in housing that matched environment.There are also unique environment and rule in Japanese housing.
If entering is hit openly, we can live a life comfortable to live in when we keep the following things in mind.

About moisture
About moisture

Because Japan is humid, we turn ventilation fan, and open vent and window, and let's always try to ventilate.
Mold occurs when we leave dew condensation for a long time, and cleaning charges are demanded at the time of withdrawal when it is in a terrible state.
When dew condensation is generated, please wipe off diligently.

About verboten
About verboten

It is forbidden making a hole in wall, and painting wall.
In addition, let friend live together, and sublet of room to another person is a breach of contract, too.
If you can not keep the prohibited matter, you have to leave.
Please check the prohibited matter of the contract documents carefully and live by observing the rules.

About kitchen
About kitchen

You must not divert oil and garbage to sink.
When oil dirt is particulary bad,cleaning charges may be demanded at the time of withdrawal. Please wipe off diligently.
Cleaning becomes easy when we put aluminum foil on wall of cooker and kitchen.
We will devise.
On cooking that smell and smoke are over, we turn ventilation fan by all means and open window, and let's warn so that smell does not remain in living room.

About bathroom, restroom
About bathroom, restroom

You must not wash down hair to drainage of bathroom. In addition, you must not drain thing except toilet paper into restroom.
When drainage is jam-packed, both bathroom and restroom are filled with water and trouble people in circumference.
When water overflows to floor and leaks in room of lower floor, we may have to compensate damage cost to hang over cleaning and restoration.

About cleaning of drainage
About cleaning of drainage

Outlet port is easy to feel dirt.When we leave unattended, stain and slime attaches and there may be bad smell. In addition, flow of water gets worse when hair is clogged up.
At first, we remove hair with worn-out toothbrushes, and by carrying away pipe cleaner selling to drugstore, flow may improve.
When we are worried about slime and smell, it may be improved by carrying away sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

About common use space veranda
About common use space veranda

As place (entrance, stairs, corridor) except one's room is common use space, you must not put garbage and one's belonging.
Veranda is common use space, too.
As porch is emergency refuge passage including fire, you must not put big baggage.

About smoking
About smoking

When you smoke in the room,the wallpaper changes color and smell attaches. In that case,you may have to pay restoration costs at the time of withdrawal. Let's refrain from smoking in the room as much as possible.
In addition, veranda is common use space not space for exclusive use of resident.
As we may get into trouble when ash falls into lower floor, MAINICHI COMNET prohibits smoking at veranda in student apartment of landlord.

Strict prohibition without shoes
Strict prohibition without shoes

One step of floor rises when we enter corridor and the room at the entrance hall.
We sit down directly on the floor in Japan and take off shoes by all means at the entrance to spread futon, and to take a rest.
You must not enter room with wearing shoes.

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Parking

We park bicycle in established place in apartments such as bicycle parking.
It is necessary for rule such as putting exclusive sticker to obey that once.
We can apply for MAINICHI COMNET in support site for exclusive use of resident in student apartment of landlord.
In addition, it is necessary for car to borrow parking lot by all means (there is a charge in many cases.
When oneself does not borrow even if vacant parking bays are in site, you must not park.