Difference in Construction

  • Apartment

    Wooden construction,light-gauge steel structure

    Building of wooden construction and lightweight steel construction like upper photograph.
    We may call "heights" or "corpo".
    Rent has many reasonable things, but the noise and earthquake-resistant problem are worried about in comparison with concrete apartment type.

  • Apartment

    Concrete structure

    There are kinds such as reinforced concrete construction, steel-framed reinforced concrete construction like upper photograph.
    Rent goes up in comparison with wooden construction and lightweight steel construction type, but security level is high including self-locking door or security cameras and is superior in quake resistance, soundproofing characteristics.

Viewpoint of Floor Plan

  • Floor Plan
  • In Japan, we transcribe layout into "2LDK".
    "L"means living room,"D"means dining room, "K" means kitchen.
    In "DK", restaurant and kitchen are rooms of combined use.
    In "LDK", living room and restaurant and kitchen are rooms of combined use.
    Mean layout of single life of Tokyo is 6J type of 1K (1 room 1 kitchen).

  • Main notation example

    • L: Living room
    • D: Dining room
    • K: Kitchen
    • DK: Room which served as restaurant and kitchen
    • LDK: Living room and restaurant and kitchen are rooms of combined use
  • Numbers of "1" and "2" to be on first such as "1DK"or "2DK" express the number of independent rooms.
    In other words, "2LDK"means that there are two independent rooms any place other than LDK.

Unit of size of room (J, tsubo)

Unit of size of room

About unit indicating area of house,there are "帖=J" and "坪=tsubo" that are inherent unit of Japan other than square meter.
"帖(J)" refers to one piece of tatami mat, and that size is approximately 180cm×90cm = approximately 1.62 square meters (it may be smaller than it).
When we show area of room, we use "帖=J" as the unit.
We may show "J=帖" with "J=畳" depending on real estate company.
When we express area of land, we use "坪=tsubo". Size of 1坪(tsubo) is approximately 3.3 square meters.
In addition, mean layout of single life of Tokyo is 6J type of 1K (1room 1kitchen).

Difference between Japanese-style room and Western-style room

Japanese-style room Western-style room

Japanese-style room (the photograph left) is Japanese style room spread tatami mat.
Floor is Fully Wooden Floor, or Western-style room (the photograph right) is room with carpet floor.

bits of knowledge

  • Bathroom of Japan
    Bathroom of Japan

    Generally, bathroom of Japan parts from bathtub in washing space.
    We use bathtub to save hot water and soak. When we wash hair and body, we do not use bathtub and use washing space. We enter bathtub after carrying away shampoo and soap neatly.
    When plural people take a bath, the next person takes a bath without throwing away and can just use hot water of bathtub.

  • Strict prohibition without shoes
    Strict prohibition without shoes

    One step of floor rises when we enter corridor and the room at the entrance hall.
    We sit down directly on the floor in Japan and take off shoes by all means at the entrance to spread futon, and to take a rest.
    You must not enter room with wearing shoes.

  • Bicycle Parking
    Bicycle Parking

    We park bicycle in established place in apartments such as bicycle parking.
    It is necessary for rule such as putting exclusive sticker to obey that once.
    We can apply for MAINICHI COMNET in support site for exclusive use of resident in student apartment of landlord.
    In addition, it is necessary for car to borrow parking lot by all means (there is a charge in many cases.
    When oneself does not borrow even if vacant parking bays are in site, you must not park.

  • Direction of room
    Direction of room

    There are many people in hope of room facing south, south direction may not be sunny. When tall building is adjacent, room facing north may be brighter.
    In addition, we recommend that we focus on the distance from Rent and station than the sun and look for room as student is hardly at home in the daytime.
    Room facing south has many cases with high Rent regardless of the sun.

  • Indoor balcony for drying clothes
    Indoor balcony for drying clothes

    It is apt to be thought that it is common to dry laundry in porch, but there are many people drying indoors and is because we are not in house in the daytime in the case of single life of student.
    Many one-room apartments in Tokyo have laundry pole tray or Bathroom Drying System.
    As we can remove laundry pole tray when we do not use,it is not disturbed.
    In the case of apartment with Bathroom with Drying System, we can dry in bathroom.
    What place to be able to dry in the room is very convenient at time of the rainy season.