Procedure of entering

Resident registration

STEP1 resident registration

When you enter the country, a seal of landing permission and a residence card will be issued at the airport. We report transference to municipality where apartment is located afterwards.
New Address of apartment to live in is necessary for transference procedure.Therefore when application and examination of apartment are over,please file at counter of government office (ward office, city hall) of municipality where apartment is located within 14 days. You need to bring your residence card at that time.
※If you leave Japan and live abroad, you must report your move out to your municipality.

Establishment of debit account

Establishment of STEP2 debit account

In the case of student apartment or student dormitory where Mainichi Comnet is landlord, monthly rent is paid from bank account or postal savings account.
After you decide entering apartment ,let's establish account at bank or postofice.
Establishment of account in bank may take time, but you can establish in postal savings immediately.
Phone number may be necessary for account establishment.
We can introduce cell-phone service.Please contact us for more information.

Bank with branch is convenient near the entering or the school.
In addition, you can pay electricity, gas, water rate, cell-phone call charge automatically every month if you have account.
Because account of transfer is necessary when we work part-time and procedure of scholarship, it is convenient if you have bank account.

Application of lifeline

STEP3 Application of lifeline

It is flat rate in some apartments, but it is necessary for tenant to contract individually basically.
Please apply to company of electricity, water supply, gast that exercise jurisdiction over the apartment by all means by move-in day.
Application is possible on telephone or the Internet.

In the case of student apartment, or student dormitory where Mainichi Comnet is a landlord,you can confirm various contact information in support site for exclusive use of resident.

The purchase of livingware

The purchase of STEP4 livingware

In the case of student apartment or student dormitory where Mainichi Comnet is landlord,there are a lot of apartment of with furniture household appliances, but it is necessary for many apartments to prepare by oneself.
We can purchase daily necessities and foods in supermarket or convenience store.But you can purchase furniture household appliances such as bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, washing machine only at home center.
As we cooperate with company delivering furniture and household appliances and life miscellaneous goods necessary for new life collectively, please use by all means.

Receipt of key

Delivery of STEP5 key
We hand key if we can confirm return of contract and payment of contract money. From the day before of the contract starting date,we hand at management store of apartment which you have contractedk.
In addition, please be careful as I cannot hand key when all the following procedures are not completed.
  • Payment of contract money
  • Return of contract
  • Submit necessary documents

Because store receiving key may be different from store which you applied for, please confirm beforehand by all means.
In addition, I confirm person confirmation documents and hand to the person entering. As friend cannot do receiving of key, please be careful.