Necessary documents and expense

Necessary documents

At the time of contract, the following documents are necessary
  1. Residence card
  2. Documents which prove student
    Student identification card (in the case of current student)
    Pass notification or entrance to school authorization (when go on to school)

※It is required document when we used Rent debt guarantee that MAINICHI COMNET recommends

Necessary documents

As we prepare guarantor service company for exclusive use of foreign student in MAINICHI COMNET, it is not necessary to prepare guarantor.
But it is necessary to prepare guarantor in general lease contract in Japan. Please use guaranty company because you must have Japanese acquaintance submit income certificate and seal registration certificates.

※As there is outside apartment targeted for some Rent debt guarantee, please refer in detail.

Necessary expense

The following expenses are necessary.
  1. Key Money
  2. Security deposit
  3. Brokerage Fee
    ※it is unnecessary when Mainichi Comnet is landlord a>
  4. Damage insurance premium (a year)
  5. Rent debt guarantee fee (a year)
  6. Rent
  7. Management fee
  8. The Internet fee

In contract documents, payment of contract money guidance is enclosed.
We pay contract money in transfer by designated date.
Share is indication for 5-6 months of monthly basis expense.
In addition, student apartment of landlord does not cost Brokerage Fee MAINICHI COMNET.
※There are some exception.

  • Monthly basis expense is withdrawal from bank account.
  • "rent" "management charge" "use of internet charges" are paid every month.
  • In the case of apartment of With Furniture and electrical appliance and apartment of With Meal, it costs separately.
  • Damage insurance premium, Rent debt guarantee fee cost renewal expense at the time of update.

※The expense mentioned above is one case when MAINICHI COMNET contracted in student apartment of landlord. Please refer in detail.


After checking "the receipt of money guidance" enclosed by contract documents, please transfer to designated account.
Bank transfer service charge is customer burden. (in the case of remittance from foreign countries, it is similar.)
By cash, credit card please note that cannot pay.