Flow of detailed contract

Propaty search

Propaty search

At first, please search by own school name wishing to join.

  1. In the recommended order
  2. In the near order
  3. In the cheap order

You can search by above three kinds of methods.
We can narrow down apartment under conditions of feelings such as rooms of Female Only, With Furniture and electrical appliance, Separated Bath and Toilet.

Contact us by E-mail

Step 2 contact us by E-mail

If there is apartment with interest, let's advance from "Contact Us" button to inquiry form.
From contents which had you input, technical adviser replies in language that you hope for use.
Please ask a question if you have what you don't understand or thing that you want to confirm.


We apply by the STEP3 Internet, visit

If room is decided, we apply for entering.
At first, wish to apply to technical adviser; will inform. As guidance email of application form arrives from technical adviser, you input there the requirements, and please send. Afterwards, background check on potential apartment tenant is performed.
Usually,you need Japanese guarantor.If student apartment of Mainichi Comnet, guarantor service is available except some apartment.

Sign and seal the contract

STEP4 sign and seal the contract

If background check on potential apartment tenant is over, we advance to contract procedure. We perform contract at store.
The contract procedure is completed when the entry and sealing of contract documents and submit necessary documents and payment of contract money are over.
About necessary documents, please identify the next "Necessary documents".
But please confirm to technical adviser to vary according to apartment a little. By case, mail before visit to Japan can go through the procedure.

Delivery of key

Delivery of STEP5 key

When entry, sealing, submit necessary documents, payment of contract money of contract documents are over, and contract procedure is completed, I hand key at store of MAINICHI COMNET after the day before of the contract start date. But you confirm, and please inform technical adviser of the desired date and time to vary according to apartment a little.